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College Essay Writing Prompts: 20 Unique Suggestions

When you are in college, you get to attempt different academic papers of all sorts. Some teachers assign you term and research papers while others expect you to create fun projects. You will even learn to create power point presentations and lecture your friends about your ideas and opinions. However, the importance of essay writing cannot be ignored. You start attempting these papers at an early stage in your student life and will continue having them for as long as you are studying and even sometimes in your professional life if you choose a profession that requires so. The thing with such assignments is that you may have the same basic structure and requirements, but each time you have to think of a potential niche to talk about. Topic selection is critical because it defines your paper and tells your readers what to expect from the rest of the assignment

It is essential that you choose a strong topic for your assignment so that you can engage your audience and give them a reason to read your paper. The topic you choose should be original and based on your own ideas. Try to talk about something that you are passionate about so that you can stay motivated and dedicated to complete your assignment. If you are having a hard time choosing the right topic for your paper, then you should consider one of the following or check this website

Topics to consider for writing an essay in college

  1. Exploitation in the modern world and economy, is it justified

  2. How farfetched are the theories in support of capitalism

  3. Can the suffering in the world end if we all play our individual roles

  4. What can we do to eradicate poverty from our community

  5. Bullying and child abuse, harassment at work, how are they relevant

  6. Free thinkers

  7. Assassins

  8. The life of John F. Kennedy

  9. Vampires, do they actually exist, does human blood increase life and strength

  10. How to stop worrying and start living your life

  11. A book review about the best books in literature

  12. How to write a review for an art movie

  13. What to expect from abstract art

  14. An imaginary friend

  15. The solar system- mysteries

  16. What is atheism

  17. Does religion promote or encourage discrimination

  18. Culture and language

  19. Societal marketing

  20. Digital media

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