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Pretty much everyone has heard of Disney in one form or another. It is a pretty massive franchise of all different things. When people think Disney, they can think of places, movies, characters or stores. They have a very wide variety of things which might be why they are so successful. They have been around since 1923 and after almost 100 years they are still a very strong corporation. Disney is everywhere these days but almost a hundred years ago it all started with one idea, cartoons.

Everyone hears about Walt Disney but in 1923 when they started their first cartoon business it was created by both Walt and Roy Disney. They started out with animation, so it was the cartoons that came first in the long line of the Disney legacy. They were the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio and a leader in the field until they started to branch out into film.

There are so many well known Disney films that are loved by children and adults everywhere. They taught kids about life and love and good overcoming evil just like fairy tales do but with movies that became a part of American culture. Who hasn’t shown their child a Disney movie right? It is a great way to know that the movie will be appropriate for them and teach them something valuable most of the time. Their films were wildly successful and in theaters everywhere for all top enjoy as a family. This tradition is still alive today, after all, this time.

Then of course you have the Disney theme parks and memorabilia. Going to Disney is a magical experience for a child. It is like being in the movies they love so dearly but with rides and so many fun things to do. They make sure it is fun for the whole family. The theme parks are not just for children either. Plenty of adults go alone to enjoy things like tasting beer from around the world and other adult aspects of the parks. It still instills a childlike wonder in even the most grown up adults.

Disney has become a giant corporation with all kinds of Disney character toys and other products to buy and enjoy at home. They even have a line of Christmas decorations and ornaments. They are so successful, even today so long after starting out because they have branched out so much into so many different arenas.

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