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Cultural Diversity

Cultural variety is the spice of our planet and the fact that there are so many different cultures and races in the world is the essence of diversity. In this essay we will look at the differences between race and culture and how the two are often confused. Then we will talk about how some people struggle to get over those differences. Finally, we will analyze the biggest challenge of all—marrying someone of a different culture, and its implications.

The differences between race and culture

A big mistake many people make is confusing racial differences with cultural differences. Many people disdain someone else because of the colour of their skin—a mindset that has no reason to it whatsoever. However, if someone is disliked for their culture, there may be more to it than just the colour of a person’s skin. That being said, it is important that we all try to be as tolerant as possible when confronted with a difference in culture (such as eating, socializing, dressing, etc). To others, our way of doing those things may seem strange too.

Comfort zones

Many people need to get out of their comfort zones and embrace the diversity that our world consists of. There is much to be gained by meeting people of different cultures and teaching them about our own respective ways of doing things. Someone who is different to you should not cause fear or hostility. It should rather be seen as a fresh opportunity to learn and connect with someone on a new level.

Inter-cultural marriages

It is marvellous to see love cross cultural borders, but there are some challenges to this lifestyle choice that inter-cultural couples are familiar with. First, there is the question of family. How families do things and how often they get together is a big part of any marriage. If both respective parties have very different family cultures, it could be a difficult adjustment. Something else to consider is religion. If two people of different beliefs get together, questions are raised such as how the children are brought up, and which religious institution to frequent.

In short, cultural differences are not something we should avoid or disdain. Every human being deserves to be on this planet as much as the next person. How we interact with each other will say a lot about our character, and our willingness to bond with our fellow man.

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