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Bio Warfare in Korea

During the Korean War, it is currently alleged that the United States used biological weapons. These allegations were raised by the Chinese government, the North Korean government, and the Soviet Union in 1952. This story was covered around the world and the publication of this story lead to a very public international investigation. It was the US Secretary of State as well as I like a beneficial today announced these allegations.

In 1951 the communist made allegations that biological warfare had been used. In 1952 Smallpox was reported. Between February and March increased reports of disease outbreak word launch from the surrounding areas. Soldiers and the Korean and Chinese army contracted cholera, the plague, and meningitis. Given that the origin of these disease contractions was unknown at the time, the Chinese were concerned and shifted their suspicion toward America. In 1952, a formal allegation was made by the North Korean Foreign Ministry United States and dropped infected insects into North Korea. This claim was denied by the United States. The accusation was supported by eyewitness accounts. In June, the United States proposed that the allegations be investigated by the international Red Cross and the United Nations Security Council. The Soviet Union vetoed this resolution and can annually insist that biological warfare have been used, in spite of the fact that they would not submit to an investigation to prove their allegations.

In 1953 two Marine Corps pilots were captured by China and North Korea in order to add support to these allegations. Other captured Americans made similar statements in support of the fact that Americans had used biological warfare. However the investigation by the World Health Organization and the international Red Cross ruled this out. The Chinese government announced the findings and said that it was biased and they wanted an investigation to be completed by the world peace Council. An investigation was set up by that group and it included several distinguished scientists.

The findings, which were released in 1952, were that the United States had experimented with biological weapons and that the allegations were true. Allegedly there was assistance from Japan who helped to carry and mounts the biological warfare campaign. Counterclaims by the United States and its allies have continually said that the allegations were hoax and that the reports produced by the world peace Council was merely a communist front organization and have been since 1950. United States also responded that the prisoners of war who had confessed to the use of biological weapons have been tortured into confession. They repudiated their confessions as soon as they were released.

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