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Guns In America

The issue of guns is one that is a major problem to many governments in the world. Even the world supper power America cannot claim to be free of the gun problems. It is very unfortunate that guns which are supposed to offer protection to citizens of a country turn out to be the most dangerous weapons that are used against them and cause a lot of fear to people. Many people claim that if guns are left in the hands of the licensed individual and law enforcers we will have safe communities, streets and backyards. This may be so if the government can account for every gun that is out there. Unfortunately, this is not the case and people live in fear as they do not know how many people may be in possession of guns without the licensing.

Who should own guns?

Controlling the people who own guns is the first things towards creating a safe environment to live in. laws have been enacted in every state to govern and restrict guns issuance to the public. This however does not do much good as the vulnerable law abiding citizens will be left without guns and the criminals will purchase gung from other sources that are not allowed by the government. Some other officials who have permits to own guns misuse them and may at times led their guns to criminals. Some people have thus argued that, when citizens own guns they can be able to protect themselves better than even how police officers would. However much there is a rise in the level of crime in the states, gun possession control does not seem to be the right answer or way to try solving this menace.

Root cause of crime

Many political leaders believe that identifying the cause of the rising crime will be a big step towards fighting the rising crime rates. It is believed that drug abuse is the major cause for rising crime. The government tried to burn hard drugs but did not fully fight drugs and this led to rise and growth of strong drug cartels. These cartels grow into feared gangs and with time they start to sell guns to rising criminals who need to be in crime to have money to buy drugs. The other problem that needs to be addressed is under employment. It leads to many people turn into crimes so as to survive.

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