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The Art World

Humans are creative. This is not an even process. Some people create things that are considered more valuable than others. This can become confusing to onlookers especially when the herd mentality is considered. Something may derive its value from several different traits that are not always easily apparent particularly to the casual observer. With this in mind, this essay looks into some of the traits of the art world that can make it less appealing to enter than it might have been otherwise.

Purposeful financial exclusivity

There are millions of painters online but only a handful can make a living wage off of their efforts. The same is true of sculptors, photographers and every other artistic style that one can consider. The industry seems to be run by people who equate the ability to pay a great deal of money for a piece with having exquisite taste. As a result, if one wealthy person owns a piece by an artist, it does not matter how poorly done that piece was, other people of similar wealth will seek the artist out and try to acquire pieces of his or her work as well. It becomes a status symbol to be able to afford something that another ( perhaps richer) person owns.

Anti-artist revenue distribution

The many decent artists out there who earn just enough to keep themselves and their families alive are often working under the very sad knowledge that theirs death could make their works somehow highly sought after. It is a phenomena that has happened frequently enough that people are no longer surprised by it. A living painter is not as fascinating as a dead one and the thing that makes a painter attractive to art galleries is his or her story. A tragic end can draw a crowd and provide something to speak about when guests look at the picture with admiration.

Subjectivity of taste

There are works of ‘art’ that are extremely poorly done that have only received accolades because no one who saw them was willing to admit that they did not see the point. To do so would be like admitting the emperor was naked while all the smartest people are certain he is very well clothed.

Most industries operate with a certain amount of silliness or even outright deception but the art world takes it to all new heights. This may be the reason for the resurgence f the street artist.

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