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Media Violence

Today the world is changing and kids spend most of the time in the media. This has got great influence on the lives of these young and vulnerable kids and if not taken care of some may do more harm than good to their lives from the media. Media violence is the correlation between themes of violence expressed in media sources which include video games, television and movies with real world aggression and violence over time. Some may argue that the results published could be exaggerated and that media has no influence at all to the level of violence in young people. Some children television programs contain violence themes and in most cases the offenders do not show any remorse and research show that children aged between 8 and 18 spend most the time watching these programs than any other activity in their lives.

It does not need someone to be a rocket scientist to tell that children are bound to be negatively affected by the prolonged watching or observing violence and violent behavior. Young children learn mostly by observing and imitating and they will thus be very vulnerable to media violence which is related to subsequent arousal, anger, aggressive behaviors and ideas. It is thus necessary to monitor and sensor what our young kids watch.

There is a lot that need be done so as to protect the young generation from references and themes of violence in the media. It is however sad to note that a lot of damage has already been done and much more has to be done to prevent undo the damage than to protect them from more damage. The most important thing is parents to give their children unconditional love that they need most. That way they can be able to counteract the already negative and alarming statistics. They can do so by being there for their kids and offer words of encouragement and positive interactions and reinforcement. This is the only way to make steady and long strides towards offsetting the already create negative influence.

Although the current statistics about media violence may be daunting, it is good to note that better late than never. Speedy action could save the already sinking boat. Parents have the power and ability to make their children feel encouraged and have self confidence by the nature and quality of company and interactions that they have with their children. This increases and enhances a child’s self worth and they no longer feel like the messages they get from the media do not matter to them at all.

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