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Bill Gates

Bill Gates is arguably the richest man in the world. He has been in that spot for some years now and it is not just about to change. According to him, the amount data regarding money or wealth owned by his family alone cannot be stored on an ordinary computer. His net wealth approaches around fifty-one billion dollars. This has made Gates be in the spotlight some times. The IRS that is responsible to collect revenue in the States lacks the technology of special computers. This means that they cannot track all the records and transactions made by the Bill Gates family. He has been accused of evading tax many times whereas it is them that do not have enough technology. This is funny. Isn’t it? Imagine such wealth. Well, it just did not come like manna. Gates was a visionary and worked hard to earn his wealth. This richest man is the son of Professor William Henry Gates and a businesswoman Mary Maxwell Gates. His birthday is on 28th October 1955. Gates was a real blessing to his parents, the United States and the whole world.

The Microsoft Corporation

Since when he was young, Gates had a zeal for computers. His father who was a lawyer always wanted his son to follow in his steps. Gates was however so much into computers. In school, he used to hack the school routine so as to get free computer time. His knowledge in computers was astounding. He made programs that would play games with the computer while he was still in school. At one point, Gates and a friend Paul were banned from visiting the computer room facilities for creating bugs and getting extra computer time. They, however, got a way to get the computer time by requesting to be checking for bugs in the computers and removing them. They were allowed. High school sharpened his skills in computer. He later joined Harvard School of Law. He was confused and spent most of his time on the computer. He then dropped out of school and went on to create the Microsoft Corporation together with Paul. He saw the opportunity of the many offices around the world and the computers in them. Then having Microsoft software in them would make him rich and famous.

His will to Give

Gates donated a lot of money to the school that he went through. Most of this money was used to sponsor children that wanted to study in the facility.

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