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Music And Its Effect On People With Autism

Having a cognitive disability can be difficult to explain to someone who is neuro typical. It does not mean that you are not smart necessarily. It just means that your brain works differently. Sometimes this means better, at other times it may just as easily mean worse. This problem only increases when the problem in question is autism. Portrayals in the media have led many to have a very narrow idea of what it involves and mistake the nature of the spectrum of disorders that come under that name. This essay looks at the huge effect that music can have on people who have this particular condition and those who interact with them frequently.

Calming during periods of over-stimulation

One of the markers of this condition is a low tolerance for novel situations. If an autistic child is faced with a situation that is unfamiliar, he or she may become overwhelmed and start behaving strangely to outsiders. This is just how they react and not an indicator of a behavioral problem or a tendency towards violence or self harm. In such situations, favorite song may provide the right amount of calm and familiarity to get the situation under control or even to allow the child to be taken back to more familiar surroundings.

A way to develop mastery

The conditions that come under the label of autism often come with extra abilities that neuro typical people lack. These come under the term idiot savant which though politically incorrect was used to describe this extreme ability that people with impairments might show in one particular field. Some are extremely gifted in mathematics others in art. A great many also have an innate understanding of music. It gives them a chance to experience a high level of accomplishment.

An opportunity for social interaction

This condition can make it very difficult to interact with others. Sometimes people with Asperger's one of the mildest versions, are highly functional and may even go undiagnosed. The only real indicator may be their difficulty in understanding subtle social cues that even infants often notice. Music can provide an icebreaker, a means by which to initiate conversation with others.

The use of melody, harmony, rhythm and other tools for therapeutic purposes is extremely common in the field of special education. It can make the difference between a well adjust child and one who struggles to function in mainstream society.

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