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Child Labor In India

While recent numbers indicate the percentage of children involved in child labor has reduced in India, the absolute numbers indicate that more than ever, more children are involved in child labor. This also shows that the high number of children in the country has been denied the right to several things including education. The problem or issue of child labor in the country is so big and intense as even foreigners complain about the cheap goods, non-compliance to standards and also the issue of human rights. Over 45 million children are involved in forced labor. Why do they force all these children to work? Maybe it is because children may not be in a position to defend themselves and their rights. Why do we have all these children working in forced labor? Apparently, something has to be done to deal with the issue. However, since the issue has been there for years, then it means it may take long to eradicate the problem fully.

Causes of Child Labor In India

The causes of the Child Labor in India may not be different from the causes of the same in other nations. Most of us agree that it is the violation of the Children Rights to have them working in forced labor and denying them the chances and opportunities that await them. Some parents blame the education system in the country that does not offer enough to the children. They blame the system for not providing education that can enable their children to attain skills that can have immediate benefits. However, there is hope that the issue will take another turn as the government is working on improving the education system in efforts to curb the increase in Child Labor in the country. The fact that these Children do not have a say about their rights has also intensified the state of Child Labor in the country. Also, the government may have failed in a way. Although the nation has the laws against Child Labor, the impact of these laws is limited. The reinforcement if these laws is weak and has thus denied the child justice and rights.

Effects of Child Labor In India

There are several effects associated and linked to Child Labor in the country. To start with, the children do not get the chances to get educated. This means low literacy levels which indicate increased poverty levels. Also, Child Labor indicates the violation of children rights.

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