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How To Write A Descriptive Essay About A Person: Basic Guidelines

Do you think it is hard to write a descriptive paper about a person?

Let us make it easy

Students start writing these papers from early grades and continue to write them for the rest of their academic careers. As time passes, they learn about different types of the assignments and different subjects. The basic format stays the same for all essays whether they are descriptive, narrative, informative, exploratory, and argumentative, research paper, and analysis or process papers. You need to start the paper with an introduction where you can present your topic to the readers in an engaging manner. The second portion of your paper is the body for presenting the major arguments about your paper. The last paragraph in the paper is the conclusion where you need to summarize the entire work in a precise and clear manner.

A descriptive paper is simply where you describe a certain person, experience, physical place, event, time, relationship or a dream. You need to use concrete examples to explain your point in a proper way. The paper does not need to develop any stance or have any argument. You do not have to convince anyone of your ideas or opinion. Another important thing to remember is that you should not be biased in your writing. Even if you are writing about something that comes from your personal experience, you need to stay objective.

If you are to write a descriptive paper about a person, then you should start with introducing him or her to your readers. In your introduction, you should explain why this person is important and what the readers will find in the rest of the paper. The introduction is the first impression of the paper so it needs to be engaging and interactive. Try to hook your audience by giving them a certain piece of information that can keep their interest.

After you complete your introduction, add a transitional hook and start the body of your paper. The body of your paper needs to explain the history, life events and importance of this person. You need to include their achievements or philosophy that inspires you. Carry out research to find valid data about this person and include it in your essay.

The last part of your essay is the conclusion where you should conclude everything you have mentioned so far in the paper.

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