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A List Of Interesting Essay Topics - Does God Exist?

This is a very interesting topic that you will need to write on. In the event that you are taking up a philosophy class, there is every possibility that you may need to write one of these papers, or a topic that is similar to this. From an intellectual point of view, there is an endless list of points that you can use to write this paper, points that will go so far in helping you further emphasize your debate, and to make sure that you drive the concept home. Remember that whenever you are writing such a paper, in most cases the tutor is not just looking for your arguments or your points, but they really are looking for a very good argument that is thought provoking. Your arguments have to be sound and invoke a serious debate, and end the debate with a conclusive note.


You have to bring about the scientific concept of this debate when you are writing your paper. The science part of it as is expected, is supposed to be full of facts, and with a lot of evidence to back it up. The rift between science and religion must also be perfectly explained in your paper as you delve deeper into the topic. This will further make your work easier when you are trying to explain particular points.


Since you are trying to debunk the truth as to whether or not God exists, chances are high that you will have to take the moral high ground and give some points on the side of religion. In as much as most people only associate science with evidence and no other subject, try as much as you can to get evidence for religion too.

The reason why you need to do this is because in the long run, you are running a debate, and you are trying to make sure that your debate is conclusive and convincingly so. Therefore the only way through which you will be able to do this is through providing evidence to that matter.


Finally make sure that you inculcate into the paper an overall view, from your philosophical stand point. This should be the section where you pass your argument as a philosopher and draw your conclusions and recommendations at the same point. You should easily pass this paper.

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