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How To Compose An Interesting Compare And Contrast Essay About Love

The emotion that most confuses people and scientists in particular is that thing we call ‘love’. For this reason, if you intend to write a compare and contrast essay, this subject can lead you to very interesting results. If you still feel a little unsure of how to begin, here are some tips to start you off:

Try to define the word

There are many texts that will simplify what is commonly experienced as ‘loving’ someone down to a few chemical reactions whether thy occur between lovers or a mother and child or two friends. You will have no shortage of definitions to choose from and some will suit your purposes quite well.

Read up on it both from fiction and nonfiction

There are many novels dedicated to the concept of romance in which the characters eventually see eye to eye and give in to their emotions. There are also texts that look into what love can do to a person, especially if it is unrequited. Much of history has been shaped by this experience.

Pick a particular direction to approach your comparison from

There are many states that are similar but not identical to the love. You can decide if you want to compare it to infatuation, lust, sympathy or even kindness. If you want to take the opposite approach, try comparing it to hate, apathy or indifference.

Look at other similar essays so you can vary your approach

Once you have decided on your approach you can seek out other papers that have similar themes. Once you have gotten a good feel for how other writers address the concept you can decide if you want to do some of the things thy did or avoid them completely.

Compile points

Brainstorm points for inclusion in your essay. At this point you can write anything you like, the point is to get as many ideas out into the open as possible. This can help to get your creative juices flowing.

Get rid of anything superfluous

Having let your imagination loose for long enough you can begin to look critically at the points you came up with. If they are worthy of inclusion, keep them and make them better. If they do not make the cut discard them and don’t look back.

The strength of the essay will ultimately be derived from the effort you put into writing.

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