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How To Write A Persuasive Essay Introduction: Free Tips & Examples

Persuasive essays are designed to show one side of a topic. The best essays to choose for this type of essay are controversial ones. The main reason why is because you can find as much supporting evidence as you can find evidence for the opposition. When you have around the same amount of people for each side it is controversial and works great for a persuasive essay where you need to convince the reader to choose your side of the issue. Here are some tips on how to write an effective persuasive essay and some examples on where to look.


  1. Get an example
  2. You should get an example essay because it will help you understand how to write a persuasive essay and also explain how to express your ideas. You can find some examples online or from your resource lab.

  3. Make an outline
  4. An outline will help you organize your ideas. It is designed to be a blueprint for your paper. It will list major ideas and a concise thesis that you can use to develop your ideas and thesis statement.

  5. Creating your thesis
  6. You can use your outline and your main ideas to create a concise thesis that describes exactly what you are writing your paper about. If you could describe your paper in one sentence, this would be your thesis.

  7. Editing your rough draft
  8. After you finish your paper, it will be necessary to edit it to ensure that you didn’t make any mistakes. You will be able to catch them easier if you read the paper out loud to yourself. Usually when you read out loud, you read slower and you can catch more mistakes.

Where to locate an example

Having an example is a really good way to understand what you will want to write about and how to do it. You can get a few samples online through the web browser search. You will be able to find documents on their which are great tools.

Make sure to choose a topic that interests you and one that is relevant to your course. It can be a very effective way of starting out the writing process because you will see the type of results that is expected of you. It will also make for a good brainstorming tool.

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