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Great Academic Tutorial For Those Who Want To Compose An Excellent Essay

There are several things you can do as a writer to ensure that you will always submit a professional, well written essay on virtually any topic. What you want to do is to make sure you have all the elements of a good essay—the introduction, thesis statement, paragraph full of evidence, and a closing paragraph, as well as lots of time to create and revise the essay – all of these are crucial to a fantastic writing.

You also want to create an engaging and original essay that is completely your own. Why? Well, who wants to read something that has already been said by someone else, right? So, do not be afraid to take chances. Chances are, typically, the best choices you make in an essay and turn out to lend themselves to the best sentences as well.

Structure and Content

Besides a highly original first paragraph, you also want to make sure you have a thesis statement that is highly present and obvious to the reader. The thesis statement, as you probably already know, is that statement that tells your writer exactly what an essay is going to do, prove, or be about.


A lack of originality in any essay is typically a sign of, whether you recognize it or not – fear – fear to take chances and fear to just write from your own real voice—don’t be afraid to put down what you think about a topic, especially in a more narrative, personal essay. Teachers want your essay to be a showcase of your insights into a given work combined with the research you have done on your topic.

Tricks for Writing Great Closing Paragraphs

Concluding paragraphs are often daunting for students. They know they should end them in a powerful way but they do not know exactly how to create power and wonder at the end of an essay. I’m going to tell you a trick that will help you to create a close that will make the reader think more about your essay and topic beyond the scope of what you have said within the paper—which is exactly what you want in any paper.

Bring the paper into the very present moment of the writing. Find something interesting that has been in the news very recently, and begin in an “In fact, scientists just reported” kind of fashion.

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