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Crafting An Argumentative Essay On Keeping Animals In Zoos

The act of capturing, buying, or obtaining wild animals and then keeping them fenced or caged has long been debated by many people. It is a given that most people have a strong emotional opinion on the subject. In a paper, ii will be important to support this opinion with credible sources. We can help you with just a few easy to use and easy to understand tips.

Suggestions for Crafting a Keeping Animals in Zoos Argumentative Essay

  • Watch the emotions-this topic is very emotional and people are very passionate about this. It is okay to care about the subject. This means you have a strong interest in your topic. Just make sure to keep the tone academic, to write in third person, and to support all of your opinions and claims with solid and credible facts. You can talk to various trainers, wildlife officials, scientists, and veterinarians to get some nice quotes on the hot subject.
  • Gather your facts-once you have emailed or called these various experts, you will want to explore academic sources for more evidence. If you are concentrating on elephants, some questions or concerns you might wish to find the answers for are-

    • How long does an elephant live in captivity
    • What is an elephant’s true habitat like
    • What does the habitat of the facility look like
    • Is this location better for the safety of the elephant than being in the wild is and why or why not
    • What social and emotional traits can be developed in captivity
    • What other options are there for keeping elephants
    • Are they endangered
    • Are they aggressive
    • Which facilities are the best and why
    • Which facilities are the worst and why
    • And of course, find out general information about the elephant which you can use in your introduction for the background part

  • Know the other side’s argument-when you write this style of essay, you have to pretend you are discussing the matter with someone who holds a different opinion. You have to anticipate what his or her complaints or main points would be. Then, you have to show that these main points are incorrect. You want to accurately discuss and dismantle all of those objections to your subject in your paper. Never concede that the other side may be correct with any aspect of the subject. This will weaken your piece.

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