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David and Goliath

Recently, our group received an assignment to write the impossible amount of essays. Namely, we were assigned to write 62 essays based on the book David and Goliath. Therefore, we had to get together and devise the strategy on how we could solve the problem. Besides writing the essay, most of the members of our group was engaged in extracurricular activities, such as movies, soccer, and other things. Thus, our main idea was to create a plan. What we decided to do, was to suggest writing an essay on the given book just by focusing on chapter 6. That way, we could convince the teacher that it was most relevant task to what we have previously done. So, we started to write the interpretation of the story in the way that suited our plans and delivered analysis only of the chosen concepts that fit our paradigm. Below, you can see part of our interpretation of what we have written and addressed the administration. Having read our interpretation of the book, the members of administration decided to change their mind about the complexity of the task. So, here you can find the story that we brought them. Also, we decided to show our bright knowledge on the topic and even referred to the Bible.

The story about David and Goliath in the Bible represents one of the brightest examples to comprehend the concept of power. A non-fiction book written by Malcolm Gladwell refers to these Biblical concepts presents an unconventional interpretation of these events where an outcome was much more favorable to one individual over the other.

The original story in the Bible comprises of the legend where David outweighed Goliath with his power and strength. The book took the legend as an example to project different for behavioral patterns. In fact, the author cites different case studies where the concept of “success” is uncovered and shows how one could have achieved success in various circumstances. For instance, a very prominent case study was shown on the example of David Boies, who suffered dyslexia and yet managed to build a high-flying a successful career. In other chapters, the author also refers to the case of the oncologist who managed to find the success in his life, too.

Chapter six in the book particularly focuses n the concept of freedom and how individually seeks for find freedom in his or her life. Most of the quotes used in the chapter comprise numerous thought-provoking ideas. Namely, the author refers to the family relations and how parenthood and income are interconnected: “When the income of parents gets high enough, then parenting starts to get harder again”. A given quotation clearly indicates those terms; high income (materialistic dimension of success) and the parenthood have been historically and contextually considered as the two crucial dimensions for success. In fact, the author provides a simple yet a thought-provoking idea on how people could become dependent on their materialistic values and forget about their families as work would overshadow their family duties.

Some of the other ideas presented in the chapter are no less important, too. However, in some cases, the author goes beyond the legendary idea of weighing powers between David and Goliath. In some cases, the practical case studies mostly refer to the comprehension of the philosophical concept of good and bad with the central idea of freedom and self-destruction. Another relevant concept that was evoked in the article referred to the notion of wealth and poverty: “wealth contains the seeds of its destruction”. In that regard, the author clearly indicates to the liberal ideas of the materialistic concept of success that could be measured with money. In a way, the quote stresses the necessity to think of the social project where individuals could be engaged instead of constantly thinking of their materialistic understanding of success. In fact, the theory of the Gladwell may be considered as relevant in the context of today’s world, yet the majority of his ideas refer to the capitalist interpretation of the world functioning.

After presenting the above-mentioned peace, the school administration decided that such a high-level analysis was much more important than the reference to the book and penalized the teacher for giving us such a complicated task.

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