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Genetic Manipulation To Meet Human’s Needs

Throughout history, there have been many scientific revelations and improvements. Medicines, vaccinations, surgeries and different types of medical processes have all evolved from simple techniques, and we would not be where we are today without these improvements. However, many people argue that in modern day, the scientific manipulation to satiate humans needs is not realistic and is partially close to playing an absurd Godlike role.

What is genetic manipulation?

Genetic manipulation is often referred to as genetic engineering. This is the act of taking an organism and manually adding DNA to it. Ultimately, the end result yearned for is the addition of new traits. There are many different examples of genetic manipulation in science, especially so in plant life for the use of crops. Following are some interesting manipulations in science to satisfy human needs.

  • Trees which grow faster: Demand for wood in certain areas is extremely prominent, and the need for this can be met by trees which are altered to grow faster. Through manipulation, science has created trees which can fend off biological predators and issues and can grow sturdier wood in a much quicker fashion than natural trees.

  • Vegetables and fruits: The manipulation of produce is astounding. Most noticeable are the modification of tomatoes, which science has made to be much larger. Not only is the fruit or vegetables larger in quantity, but the quality is also altered by remaining fresher for longer.

  • Pollution fighting plant life: Scientists have developed trees which absorb pollutants through their roots and go through a cleaning process, eventually releasing a clean product back into the air. Scientists at the University of Washington developed these plants.

  • Pigs: Science has gone as far as taking living and breathing figures and altering them for better and more constructive use. An example of this would be the pig often referred to as “Frankenswine”. This pig has been genetically modified to have an improved digestion of phosphorous. This was done in hopes to deplete the algae blooms caused by the absorption of the manure when used as fertilizer, which in turn causes harm to marine life and the air. This was done by adding the bacteria E. Coli along with DNA from mice into a pig embryo. The things we do for science, no?

While this genetic manipulation may definitely have its benefits in assisting the environment and simplifying life for a variety of people, many argue that its unnaturalness and the overall concept of altering science, something that is close to absolute, is too much like playing God.

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