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Where To Get The Best Division And Classification Essay Examples

Many students have never even heard of a division and classification essay. Is it any wonder that they have no idea what they are doing? While it is really not as hard as it sounds, you need to understand what it is before you decide if the examples you look at are good or not.

Put in the simplest of terms, a division and classification essay can be defined as taking a vast subject and breaking it down into smaller pieces that are more easily understood by the reader. There are two parts to this type of essay - the division part and the classification part.

The division essay

The purpose of a division essay is to take a look at the ways in which a large subject or project can effectively be broken down into numerous parts that are smaller. For example, assume that your topic was to be music. That could be broken down as follows: Music - Country Music - Rock Music - Females in Country Music - Males in Country Music....etc. This is just a very basic example that obviously can go much further.

The classification essay

Each of the smaller parts that were broken down in the division section are placed into different categories in this part of the paper. The student must decide how the categories are to be classified. A couple of questions are helpful in order to do this: What are the subject's most important elements? How are they be able to be classified? Each class must be separate and distinct from others that have been listed.

Now that how the essay is supposed to look is understood it will be simple for you to find great examples online. Here is where to look:

University or college library websites

In theory you would be able to access the library archives of any university or college and find the examples that you need easily. However, one major benefit can be found from looking on the site of the institution you attend. Anything that is contained within your school's website follows the format and tone that your professors are looking for. Since this can vary from school to school is it best to make sure that examples you find are acceptable.

Academic writing services

This is a good place to look simply because they have various writing samples on the website of the type of work that they do. Make sure that you are looking at examples for the right academic level though.

Do a basic search

When all else fails turn to the search sites. Simply key in examples of division and classification essays. Go through some of the results to see which are the best and what they have in common.

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