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Global Issues

Global issues refer to those factors which put the life of human and other living organisms into risk. In the modern world, global issues have taken a diverse approach. Surprisingly, most of these factors are as a result of daily human practices and behaviors, although a few are due to cause of nature. For instance, some of the global warming has become a world threat yet is as a result of human practices like, smoking, deforestation and industrial production which could have been avoided, if proper measure were implemented.

Causes of Global Warming

Global warming is one of the biggest challenges facing the world. Most scientists argue that human production and emission of carbon dioxide and other hazardous products in the atmosphere have increased the heating effect (global warming) that might bring about severe consequences on human life. Technology has also played significant role in the global warming. The use of atomic bombs and other atomic weapons have triggered the rate of increase carbonic products in the atmosphere.

There are various potential risk associated with global warming, such as high sea level which might lead to submerging of low coastal areas like Netherlands, Bangladesh and Egypt. On the extreme ends, some nations, especially islands may disappear completely. The change in weather is an evident consequence of increased heating effects.

Weather patterns have adversely altered by the global warming making it even difficult for geologists to predict natural catastrophes associated with climatic factors. Increased level of carbon dioxide in the air as well results to death of aquatic life. Carbon dioxides react with atmospheric water to form carbonic acid which when precipitates into water bodies result to significant deaths.

Corrective Mechanism

There are various measure which when effectively implemented could improve the condition and reduce the risk of global warming. The most significant and effective mechanism involves reducing if not ending production of carbon dioxide through switching consuming carbon dioxide emission fuels such as oil, gas and coal to renewable and free carbon fuels such as electricity. It is also very important to increase tree plantations to assist in reducing the presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. By so doing, the concentration of carbon dioxide in air will go down and hence creating a healthy environment for human life.

The government together with scientists should work together to safeguard the future of the world environment. Although several individuals and organizations have made considerable attempts to control the environmental pollution, it has not been enough to trigger significant impact in the world environmental conservation.

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