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Great Tips On Composing A Cause And Effect Essay About Global Warming

When you are writing a cause and effect essay remember that you are discussing why doing one thing makes another happen. In a subject as complex as global warming you may find that you have more than one initiating incident leading to the problem or maybe one problem starts a whole chain of events that tumble down like a domino display and end up with the final situation.

Because the topic is so broad you will need to narrow your focus. With this assignment you might chose to talk only about the causes or discuss the effects or you may try to pick just one major climate related event – such as a catastrophic hurricane – and analyze how it fits into the pattern created by climate change.

A major challenge of writing about climate change is in understanding the “jargon” used by scientists and campaigners. It is essential to get this correct in your paper as well.

What constitutes good paper?

  • Narrow your focus. Make sure you have chosen a topic that has enough evidence to answer your thesis statement, but not so broad that all you can do is recite facts without a coherent structure.
  • With this broad a subject, present a clear, targeted thesis statement that you can stick to and not wander off at a tangent.
  • Order your evidence in the way that makes the best sense to you. You can show your evidence strictly in the order that it happens or perhaps save the juiciest piece of your argument and end with a clincher.
  • Make sure your conclusion leaves no doubt that this initiator leads to that end-point.

Some ideas to help you find a topic

  1. Atmospheric pollution from industry and industrial scale agriculture.
  2. Farmers need land to feed the growing population – over population.
  3. The dangers of climate change present to coastal cities
  4. Challenges of agriculture in a world that is heating up
  5. Deforestation by illegal logging and the loss of potentially useful flora and fauna
  6. How might seed banks help in adapting to a warmer climate?
  7. How might governments formulate environmental policy to help mitigate catastrophic change
  8. How might individuals do their part in keeping the future heat rise below the recommended levels
  9. How did the scientists notice that fossil fuel use was a major contributor to climate change?
  10. Would proper funding of reusable energy sources alleviate the problem?

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