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Writing A Conclusion For A Critical Analysis Essay: Tips And Examples

The conclusion of your critical analysis essay will determine the lasting impression on the mind of the reader. This is despite discussing the most valid and strongest points in the body. It gives the paper a ‘last taste’ that will remain with the reader. It also determines whether the reader will agree with you or not. Being the conclusion, it plays a crucial part in your essay.

  • It gives legitimacy to your thesis statement
  • It wraps up all the points for or against the point you are making
  • It sends off the reader convinced or not convinced about the point you are making. This is a way of ending the debate or igniting a counter response.

How then do you write a winning conclusion to your critical analysis essay?

Provide an answer to “So what?”

After a long discussion on the subject, the reader is interested in the solution you are providing. This answer should be provided in the conclusion. It acts as a justification to the suggestions you are trying to make. Example:-

The fact that over a billion people are on social media across the world indicates that any serious global brand must enhance its presence there. It makes business sense to be where your clients are. Considering the expenses involved, it remains the most sensible way to reach them.

Synthesize your ideas

This means binding all your ideas into a single conclusion. It narrows down the argument into a single point. Example:-

Paparazzi dig into the private life of individuals for personal gain. This exposure has led to more damage than good. Suing them for infringement of privacy thus serves them right.

Provide Food For Thought

Most critical analytical essays deconstruct the existing situation. Use your conclusion to raise pertinent issues that would make the situation better based on the facts or issues raised in the body of your paper. Example:-

What is the point of rising up the corporate ladder through strenuous hard work only to spend all your wealth treating lifestyle diseases? And while at it, deny yourself the joy of a happy and well brought up family?

Experts caution against using the words ‘conclusion’ in the paragraph or section of your critical analysis essay. The ideas should flow in a natural way and lead to a natural end. Do not introduce new ideas and make it as short as possible. At the same time, take time to craft a convincing ending because it will blanket everything else you have discussed in the body.

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