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How To Write An Argumentative Essay: Step-By-Step Tutorial

The argumentative essay is one of the basic types of writing that is required in a college writing course. This simple type of work allows any student to formulate a basic argument in a structured and well thought out format. If you have been tasked with this imposing endeavor, follow these easy steps to putting together an epic work in an argumentative format.

Step One – Describe the issue

The start of any argument is first stating what the problem is to be discussed. This could mean describing a situation and the resulting issue or stating a general policy that has two sides. Either way you will want to introduce the issue and then outline the steps you are going to take to argue the issue in the body of your writing.

Step Two – Develop your argument

The next step in any argument is to develop your case and provide supporting information. You will want to have a minimum of three points to formulate your argument in order to have a sound foundation for your side of the case. Each point should have facts and supporting information which can be referenced in the body of your document.

Step Three – Refute the opposition

After you have formulated a strong position for your side of the case the next step is to poke holes in the arguments of the opposition. All good arguments will have two solid sides and each will have points that they will try and support. Use facts and data to refute their arguments and show how their points are not valid. For a truly strong case make sure to attack each point and remember that without three good legs to stand on a stool will fall over so the same applies for a good argument.

Step Four – Summarize you case and closing statements

The final portion of the argumentative essay is to summarize the argument and present a closing statement. You should briefly summarize your case and the three or more points of your argument then show how each of the opponent’s points are not valid. Finally, put together an inspiring closing statement to bring the entire piece to a close.

The argument essay is a written form of debate and by following the format of a verbal debate you can develop a strong case and win your written argument by following these four steps.

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