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Creating A Good 3-Paragraph Persuasive Essay Easily

If you need to write an academic essay then there are various different requirements that may be imposed on you. For example, the style or structure of the essay may depend on a variety of different factors or requirements. For example, whilst many university students will have to write a dissertation - which will generally be several pages and thousands of words long - at the other end of the scale, there are much shorter academic papers that students may be required to write.

Perhaps one of the shortest forms of academic paper is a three paragraph essay. Essentially, this kind of academic paper will be relatively short, and will use each individual paragraph for a different section. For example, the first paragraph will be used for the introduction; the second paragraph will be used for the body section; and the final paragraph will be used for the conclusion.

If you need to write a persuasive essay, then this will involve choosing a particular subject or topic to write about, and then trying to argue for or against a particular point of view related to that topic. When writing any academic paper of this style, the body section will be used to outline any arguments that you wish to make. However, due to the relatively restrictive nature of a three paragraph essay, you will probably only be able to produce one argument.

The first and last paragraphs

As well as the body section, you will also need an introduction and a conclusion, which will be in the first and final paragraphs respectively, either side of the body section. The introduction will be used to inform the reader of the topic that you will be discussing. As well as identifying the topic that you will be writing about, you may wish to include a brief background to the topic, so as to give the reader a better understanding as to why you have chosen to discuss this particular subject.

Furthermore, as well as stating which topic you will be writing about, you should also identify the particular issue that you will be debating, as well as stating the point of view that you will be taking.

Finally, you will use the last paragraph to write your conclusion. This will draw on any information provided in the introduction and the body section, and will finalise the argument that you’re making, without bringing up any new discussions.

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