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How To Organize Your Essay Composition: Step-By-Step Guidelines

Organizing your essays, term papers, research papers, homework writing assignments, dissertations, thesis, and freelance writing assignments can be difficult for some of us. Organizing yourself ahead of time with an outline is proved to be very useful. Organizing yourself an outline will allow you to organize your composition. You always want your writing tobe organized in a way that makes sense to your reader. Reading your own essays, term papers, research papers, homework writing assignments, dissertations, thesis, or freelance writing assignments will help with this.

Here is a step-by-step guideline to organizing your essay composition:

  • Create a basic outline with an introduction, body/timeline, and conclusion.

  • Determine your timeline, if needed.

  • Are you writing from now back in time, from back in time up through now, or are you writing about a specific time.

  • Start your work with a thesis statement and include the main focus of your paper, and your timeline (if needed) in your introduction.

  • Break the body of your work down into supporting focus points or supporting time periods, backing up your Introductions main statement.

  • If you come across contradictions in your research, use these in the later portion of the body, or you can use each contradiction directly following each supporting focus point.

  • This is determined by you and how you want your work to read/flow. .

  • For each supporting focus, contradiction, or period, follow each up with no less than one researched fact that reinforces the statement.

  • You may use multiple facts, but I wouldn’t use more than five depending on how long you want your paper to be.
  • In the conclusion state the outcome of your thesis.

  • State if it has been proven or otherwise, and your agreeance or acceptance of the outcome.

These step-by-step guidelines should help you to organize your writing assignment. Each focus point, contradictory or supportive, is its own paragraph. After following these guidelines, you will be surprised at the conclusion of your assignment the amount of information you have been able to put on paper. Remember to give yourself time to put your written work aside for no less than twenty-four hours for proofreading purposes. This allows you to proofread with fresh eyes. It’s not a bad idea to get another person, friend, co-worker, classmate, colleague, or whomever to review your work also if time allows.

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