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Basic Instructions For Writing A One-Page Essay In The APA Format

APA format is usually used for large-scale research projects, dissertations, essays etc. This fact explains the difficulties of creating a one-page paper in APA format. However, it’s wrong to say that it’s impossible to write this kind of the text. All you have to do is to unite all four major APA format attributes into a single page. Here you will obtain basic instructions to writing a one-page APA formatted essay.

  • - Join all the elements of the essay format into on page.
  • The fundamental elements of this format include a title page with a running head, an abstract of the work, a body of the text with all necessary citations and a reference page.

  • - Follow the general writing demands.
  • All the work should be written in Times New Roman, 12-point font size. The text should be with double-spaced and you should set one-inched margins on every side of the document.

  • - Start the text with a running head.
  • Running head is a professional item that is necessary for a professional journal article submission. You should type the words “Running head” and then a brief version of your research work’s title.

  • - Write an abstract to your research paper.
  • The abstract to the work follows the running head. An abstract is a brief summary or an essence of your whole work. If you want to write a one-page text, then you should remember that your abstract should be no longer than two or three sentences. However, it can be permissive to include additional pages for title and reference pages. Mind checking if it’s possible before you start writing the paper.

  • - Work on the body of your APA paper.
  • After you have finished the abstract, you’ll have to write a title once more. This time it has to be centered and written in bold type. After the title, you are supposed to write the body of your text. Writing a single page research can be rather difficult as you have to think about every word of your paper, but this mission is possible.

  • - Write only the most vital data using short phrases and sentences.
  • There is no place for expatiating. You should write only the most vital sentences that contain key information on your work. Don’t forget about following the structure of your text. It should contain introduction, body and conclusion. Five to six sentences for each point should be enough.

  • - Write a reference list.
  • Research papers require the list of used books and sources that should be formatted according to the demands. Fortunately, you don’t have to use more than 2-3 sources.

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