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International Traffic in South America


The majority of South American countries have an international airline that allows the international to travel to and from these South American countries but also to fly around South America as well. Air travel may be more expensive in places but it is also safer than bus or boat.


One of the cheapest countries to fly to and from in South America is Brazil. Brazil has deregulated the airline industry over a time span of just a decade. This has allowed for many low-cost airlines to create flight paths all over South America making Brazil a favourable destination to begin South American travel holidays.


Even though the cost of local flights has been reduced in this way, international travel is still very expensive when compared with the distance of local travel. For this reason it may be an idea to fly only to one South American country and then look to local travel by bus or by boat when visiting more than one country. This can be especially handy when traveling to multiple countries such as:

  • Iguacu Waterfalls in Argentina and Brazil

  • Pantanal Wetlands in Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay

  • Amazonian countries covers Peru, Columbia and Brazil

  • Andean high-altitude steppes covers Argentina, Bolivia and Chile

When the conditions are correct it may be wiser to look toward alternative methods of transport and bus as well as boat services work out a lot cheaper than flying.


Even though there are many instances where traveling over land can be much cheaper, there are also some that can be considered as dangerous. Badly maintained roads, rainy seasons and dangerous rivers all mean that there are some areas where safety needs to come first and flying becomes a necessity.

The Andes in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru has some dangerous roads that are badly maintained and cargo transportation is numerous. For this reason flying can be considered a far safer option. The scenery when viewed from the air is spectacular allowing many photo opportunities that are simply not possible by bus.

The Amazon Basin is another area that is best to be avoided during the rainy season. Many of the tours into nature reserves in the area begin in towns and cities that are served by airports making this is a good beginning.


International air travel is advised in many places across South American Countries. Yes there are times when a bus or boat may be cheaper than air travel however there can be times when this option is dangerous. If in any doubt book a plane for a little extra cost and be safe.

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