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Numeric Evolution And The Perception Of The Photography

Photography is an art, science and a practice of coming up with durable images by use of recorded light or any other electromagnetic radiation. The process can be undertaken either electronically by use of image sensors or by chemical procedures that entail the use of light sensitive objects such as photographic film. Originally photography was considered as a means to objectively represent real life situation, which is completely untouchable by the perspective of the photographer. A photograph has added an advantage in that it allows one to study a scene in a more detailed way than when one would have interpreted the scene at firsthand.

Photography and perception

From the biological point of view, every person perceives images the same manner. Visual sensory perception relates to the functionality of the eye. Light goes through the eye, hits the retina cells and the impulses of the optical cells are interpreted by the brain into forms that are coherent and understandable. For instance, different people will argue differently on what they see and the meaning of what they saw. For perceiving photographs, people usually rely on their sense of sight and what we see primarily depend on the capabilities and quality of light as it hits the cells of the retina. The ecological theory of the sensual perception bases its argument on the facts that images are light dependent. The theory posits that a person’s visual perception depends on the manner in which light affects the objects appearance and minimal changes in this optical arrays will lead to different sensations of depth and size. Even though photography involves colour, perspective and proportion reduction, people still perceive that photograph in represent the reality. Although perception is a response of the brain to stimuli, it’s also an interpretation that relies on the memory and different cultural cues that also rely on signs to give precise meanings.

Numeric evolution of the photography

Photography has evolved hand in hand with the quality of the camera on the market. The journey of photography began with the use of camera obscura. It needed eight hours of exposure to light and faded later. Later on the fading effect was fixed and light exposure was only required for about thirty minutes. Over the years, the world has experienced the importance of photography with providing the image of earth from the moon and also helping to graze beautiful memories. Today photography has advanced tremendously with improved film speed and the T grain emulsions. Photographic prints have developed from the use of linen rag papers to printing digital images using a computer that creates images that can last more than two hundred years without fading.

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