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Nursing Theorist Presentation


Ideally, the practice of nursing should be based on theories that are validated by research. Over the years, there has been an increase in the call for emphasis to be placed on analysis and development of a concept in nursing, in an effort to identify the attributes of the phenomena seen in nurses’ experiences in practice. This article offers guidelines for executing presentations on nursing theorists, in order to ensure that a detailed presentation is done without compromising time constraints. In light of the pivotal importance of the nursing theories for the study and practice of the profession, it is important that thorough research is done and important aspects are emphasized.

Nursing Theorist Presentation

Learning involves the modification and acquisition of knowledge, strategies, skills, beliefs, behaviors and attitudes. It is because the nursing practice is based on nursing theories that the discipline is considered a profession. After all, there must be some sort of guidance and direction for structuring professional nursing practice, education, and research. They also provide principles for the assessment, intervention, and evaluation of nursing care.

In the study of nursing, nursing theorists and their respective theories is one of the core subject matter focus and students are usually asked to do extensive research and present on one or more of these theorists. However, the extensive quantity of information available on these theorists may present a challenge.

Preferably, a nursing theorist presentation should be no less than eight (8) slides and no more than twenty-five (25), unless stated otherwise by the professor. Let the presentation be between seven (7) to ten (10) minutes. It should begin with a title slide including names and the title of the presentation and end with a slide identifying all references. Subsequently, important concepts should be defined and described, such as, theory, nursing theory, paradigm, and the conceptualization of the nursing meta-paradigm (man, environment, health, and nursing).

Next, it is recommended that some background information about the theorist in question be presented, as well as how he/she defines nursing. Add a photo of the theorist and any interesting quote by him/her to enhance recognition. Moreover, an overview of his/her theory should be expounded briefing the purpose, concepts, structure, assumptions and nature of relationships of the theory. Keep it simple.

That being done, a deeper look at the theory should follow. Suggested focuses include:

  • Characteristics of the theory;

  • Usefulness of the theory;

  • The strengths, weaknesses and limitations of the nursing theory;

  • Application of the theory: general application, application in practice, application in research and application in education;

  • One or two case study that reflects the application of the theory, preferably with reference to an article or examples from an article.

Lastly, the expositor should ensure that the material presented is scholarly, accurate and stimulate questions. They should also be professionally attired and project effective communication skills.

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