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Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin is one of the most renowned painters in the world. He was born on June 7, 1848, in Paris. In his tender age, his family relocated to Peru. Paul’s father who was a journalist died while on a trip to South America. During this time, Paul was serving as a marine merchant. He later on served in the France disciplined forces as a Navy. Paul kept on switching careers and he subsequently ditched the Navy and went on to become a stock broker. All this time Paul was engaged to Mette Gad. The two love birds tied knots in the year 1873. The two were blessed with five children. Paul was well known throughout the world for his unique art styles. He used bold colors in his work and exaggerated body proportions. Some scholars say that he was the first person to use the stark contrast in arts.

His Emerging talent

Paul was not involved in a lot of artwork during his tender age. However, during his working days, he used most of spare time painting. This developed from a thing that he did to pass time to a hobby. He left his last job as a stock broker and concentrated on the artwork. This is a courageous move that many people saw coming especially after some of his work was showcased in the prestigious Salon exhibitions in Paris in the year 1876. During this time, he met with Camille Pissarro in the same exhibitions. A group of artists known as the Impressionists was attracted by his work after he was introduced to them by Pissarro. This group was not accepted by the French art establishment. It was a movement that was, however, keen to make sure that it challenged the traditional subjects and methods used in the art. They wanted to change the art industry in France. In 1879, his work together with that of Pissarro and great artists was lined up in the fourth annual group’s exhibitions. Now Paul had part ways with his family and moved to Brittany so as to concentrate on his artwork. He became the most colorful artist of his time. The savage as he often referred to himself was so fond of alcohol and ladies. This led to his contracting syphilis.

Paul Goes to Exile

In 1891, the constructions of the European Society had taken over France. Paul was not pleased and wanted to run away from all this. He chose Tahiti and relocated. On arrival at the island, he found out that the France had colonized the place as well. He did not run anymore but settled with the locals away from the capital. While there, he was able to borrow from the native peoples culture and create more artwork.

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