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Puerto Rican Movement

The independence movement in Puerto Rico makes reference to the initiatives of the inhabitants in the history of Puerto Rica in order to gain independence for the people from the island. Many organizations worked for the Puerto Rican independence over the centuries.

Status Referendum

From the beginning of the 19th century, organizations claiming independence in Puerto Rico made use of peaceful political means and violent revolutionary actions to attain their objectives. In the second half of the 20th century, this movement for independence had no support at elections from the Puerto Rican people. In 2012, with the occasion of a status referendum, few people voted for independence as it received the least support.

Puerto Rican independence movements are connected historically to the 16th century. Those rebellions for independence finally failed. After hundreds of years of colonial rule by the Spanish Empire, Puerto Rico finally obtained its sovereignty in 1897.

The independence movement did not attract much support. In 2012, as a result of a status referendum, there were few who voted for independence. Puerto Rico was said to be unlikely to become an independent state any time soon.

The Lost History

Puerto Ricans are American citizens since 1917, fighting the same battles and making the same sacrifices. They lost their land in the same way Native Americans lost their territory. Puerto Ricans were the subject of both discrimination and racism as the African Americans. The United States were coming in 1898, declaring that the Puerto Rican peso was no longer a valid currency. Everything happened after the Hurricane San Ciriaco had devastated the island while the US sent no relief.

The US imposed taxes on the farmers of Puerto Rico. The farmers had been in extreme distress and got loans in order to stay afloat. In 1940, a huge part of Puerto Rico was US-owned.

Freedom Movement

Albizu Campos led an agricultural strike he won with the help of the Nationalist Party. This victory did not last for a long time. After the strike, a new governor was sent down. Then, the war against Puerto Ricans was extremely real. At the referendum, Albizu Campos and the nationalists thought they had the last opportunity to show to the entire world the conditions in Puerto Rico. This uprising had failed. According to the general opinion, Puerto Rico should be an independent state and not a ‘little mistress’ in the Caribbean.

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