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Why Public Schools Should Teach A Second Language

Brain of a child in early stage

The Brain of a child is just like clay until the age of five. It retains the same shape throughout the life, which attained in younger age. An 18-month-old baby starts building vocabulary. Neural connections get started at this age. In the age of 6, 700 neural connections made per second. Such a healthy brain acquire things faster. Kids who grow under educated parents use to have a better vocabulary than the kids whose parents are illiterate. These facts and example show that brain of children are same, but their atmosphere is different. The knowledge gained in early childhood will have an impact throughout a lifetime of a human being.

Learning the Second language in early age

It is better to know a second language in early grades when it is easy for a child to grasp things faster. The language learned in younger age is not only easy to learn but also builds a child brain better by knowing more without wasting the neural connections. Early learning helps later learning easier. When the child's brain get exposed to a different language it is not just get know to words, but also a new culture. The Second language helps a child to approach a new environment or a new set of people with confidence. It is essential for the kids whose parents happen to move to places often. Now the globalization makes a country filled with different people, Second language build confidence on a child. The language learned by a child might induce interest to explore more. More the kid explores, more knowledge it gains.

A bilingual program in early childhood makes a child improve in analytical skills, forming concepts, cognitive flexibility, and metalinguistic skills. The children who are bilingual are found to pay more attention to learning and understanding the facts faster.

Studies also say that the children build a different system in their brain for different languages and also in equal amount. It is important that their brain gets equally exposed to each language they listen.

Children live in the enriched environment i.e. environment with more puzzles, languages to listen, mirrors, textures, and colors found to produce more sensory stimulant. It makes the neural connections possible without the brain cell dying and produce brain tissues.

Only up to the age of twelve, a foundation for a child's future with language, thinking, analysis, attitude and other characteristics can be laid down which they carry for their entire life. The second language that learned in this early age will definitely help a child to lead a life in a positive way.

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