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Socially Appropriate Daily Living Skills

Social skills refer to the ability to recognize, reciprocate emotions cues, and facilitate communication and interactions with other peoples in different social situations. Social skills are made to overcome autism spectrum disorders as a result of impaired social communication and interaction associated with this disorder. In fact, research shows that, in every two thousand group of people, at least one person is suffering from autism spectrum. As a result, social skill enrichment program has been put in place to help children develop proper social skills for their daily living. Although not everybody who suffers from autism spectrum disorder, there are various day to day life challenges which require social skills for one to overcome them. Therefore, social skills are very significant in daily human life. Some of the social skills learned during social skills programs involves, appropriate ways to start, maintain and finish conversations, receiving and giving complements as well as socially appropriate non-verbal practices such as body posture and eye contact.

Assertiveness Training

For individuals who need to develop their social skills, assertiveness exercise can be an effective intervention practice. The most common social problem with most people is how they assert themselves to others. Most people hardly speak up to communicate their viewpoints and needs. Nevertheless, those who speak up express themselves in a way which is perceived as demanding or confrontational by others. Other people find it hard to state appropriately their perspectives. For this reason, there is very big importance of assertive training. Though some find it easy to assert themselves to their friends and other close people, they find quite challenging when interacting with unfamiliar situations like interviews. The lack of assertiveness develops worries about the potential of the individual which results to significant consequences.

Consequences of Lack of Socially Appropriate Skills

Most people in one way or another have experienced difficulties in participation in various social situations such as marriage, friendship, family meetings, class or any other social arena. In most cases, these difficulties develop as a result of poor social skills, anxiety, and lack of assertiveness and problems of anger. In most cases, individuals in romantic partnerships tend to lack socially appropriate interaction skills, general understanding of each other and empathy, which has resulted to divorce and separation of many marriages, families and romantic relationships. Marital therapy and socially appropriate daily living skills can effectively address these problems and help the involved parties to build a more satisfying and healthier relationship.

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