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Essay Writing Guide for Beginners: How to Capture Your Reader's Attention

Novels are longer than essays which give them much more space to get readers interested in the plot. Without such luxuries, the writer of an essay must be very conscious of how he or she uses language to capture the reader’s interest. Some people just have a knack for this, perhaps because they are masters of casual conversation. To others, this can be a challenge that appears insurmountable at first. For those who fall into that second category, the following tips may help to encourage better writing habits:

Read Good Writing

There are many examples of good writing for you to choose from in creating your own essay writing style and not all of them are essays. You may have noticed that some of the best novelists don’t actually use the entire of their books to start drawing readers in. They start from the first few words or sentences to build up the book in the reader’s mind. Analyze how this is done. Don’t mimic, no one likes a copycat. Try instead to understand why what the author has done works so well and then see what you could do to get a similar effect.

Get feedback from better writers

Sometimes the only writers better than you will be teachers. Most people can find at least one better writer than themselves amongst their peers. Whoever you go to, ask them to be brutally honest about the content of your work and whether it drew them in or left them yawning. Be careful to avoid asking this question of anyone who has a reason to spare your feeling such as blood relation or someone with a crush on you. Having gotten an honest critique, you must shoulder the burden of making adjustment to your writing style. You cannot afford to let pride stop you from improving.


There is much to be gained by practicing. Even those who are born with gobs of talent become more skilled by writing frequently. It should be noted that if you have bad habits, you should be finding out what they are so that you do not practice them into permanence. Make a conscious effort every time you practice to eradicate whatever you tend to do wrong.

Your essays may be boring enough to drive people to tears now, but if you keep these tips in mind and apply them, you will be capturing readers in no time.

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