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Why South Lost The Civil War

The Civil War is one war that the Americans regret up to today. Not many people have a clear picture why the war was there in the first place. It is over a hundred and thirty years now and people still don’t have good reasons for the war. What is there to be seen is the destruction that it causes in America. Many people died because of a fight because of the conflict of ideas. It is not even clear why the North side won the war. By the time the war came to an end, both sides had lost the will. They were just in the war because it was on. No wonder many people say that the war ended because the South lost the will to win and did not have any reasons to stay in the war. However, some of these reasons are just thought to be justification. There are indeed many good reasons as to why the South lost the war. It is said that the art of war is very simple and what you need to do is just target your enemy and hit them hardest. I believe that this is what happened to the South. They were hit hardest by the North and lost the war. They were anticipating help from the international communities and countries like France. Below are some justifiable reasons why the South lost to the North in the American Civil War.

Army Leadership

It was always believed that the South had better army generals than their counterparts in the North. This came to be proven wrong during the war. Those best generals were later on seen as second best. The only general in the south that was a great general was Lee. He was however up against generals like Grant, William, George and Thomas of the North. Lee could not alone match the skills of all these generals and this led to them losing the war.

Inferior Resources

To begin with, the South had only seven million people up against twenty-one million people of the North. It did not require anyone to have come from the moon to tell them that they were bound to lose. In fact, the longer that they sustained was a miracle. They lacked the manpower to produce and they could not continue the war. There were not enough personnel to produce equipment and go to war. By the time the war came to an end, the South had firearms but did not have people to go to the battlefield.

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