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Directions For Composing A Proper Persuasive Essay For College

A persuasive essay is one of the most common types of essays that you will ever be asked to write today. The concept of such an essay is more or less the same as what you can find with an argumentative essay. You are supposed to try and make sure that you convince the reader about something in particular, something that might be a contentious topic. In most cases you have to argue your points skillfully and share thoughts on your opinions. Your opinions must come through clearly if they are to be effectively convincing and persuasive enough.

In order to write a good paper, you have to make sure that you pay attention to the following details:

Take ample time

You must decide ahead of time how long you are planning to spend on writing the paper. You must do this because if you do not, you might just end up wasting a lot of time, which would have been spent finishing the paper.


More often than not you will need to do a lot of brainstorming in order for you to get a good paper written. This means that you will need to canvas for ideas, think about what others think of the same topic, and use their ideas as a means to starting a good argument or a convincing basis for persuasion.

Do the introduction

Every good paper must always have a good introduction. This is one thing that you must never take for granted. Ensure that you have planned a good introduction for your paper, one that will get the attention of the reader, and in the process make sure that you can proceed to write a very good paper.

Design the body of the paper

The design of the body of your paper is something that you cannot forget about. Plan for the chapters that you need to include into the paper, or how many pages you want the essay to cover. This is important so that you eventually come up with a paper that is flawless.

Plan for transitional paragraphs

The interesting thing about this kind of an essay is the fact that every paragraph is supposed to build on the other. The first sentence in the paragraph must always be an introductory one, and after that go into a deep explanation of the context.

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